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Bulgaria: Hospital on strike since 9th of November!

Aktualisiert: 17. Nov. 2023

Already since November 9, one of the largest hospitals in Bulgaria is on strike! It is the hospital in Dobrich. Expressions of solidarity came from all over the country, now also from Austria.

In the past years, the medical staff in Bulgaria fought for a new independent organization of the workers, the SBMS (Bulgarian Medical Workers Union). This union led many fights, organized numerous demonstrations, rallies, occupations, as well as strikes. The SBMS is supported, among others, by the ARK, the Independent Workers' Association. The last time there was a similar strike among teachers was in 2007. Today, however, it is different, the fighting colleagues say, because today they have union organizations that are not controlled by the rulers but are run by the workers.

On November 9, 136 medical workers went on strike. It is about better wages and better working conditions. The strikers were even taken to court, but their resistance was not broken. While the attempts to break the strike and keep the colleagues down are increasing, the solidarity among the population is also growing. There have been numerous messages of solidarity from other hospitals, sectors and through the independent workers' associations. "Strike is a right and not a crime!" was one of the statements.

In Austria, too, photos were taken with messages of greeting for the striking colleagues as a sign of solidarity. In addition, at a rally for better conditions in Austrian hospitals, as well as the nursing sector, attention was drawn to the struggle of the colleagues in Bulgaria and pictures of solidarity were taken.


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