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The Red Herald: Artikel der "Roten Fahne" veröffentlicht und übersetzt

Wir freuen uns, dass die revolutionäre Nachrichtenseite „The Red Herald" unseren Artikel "Ende der Meinungsfreiheit" ins Englische übersetzt und veröffentlicht hat. Diese Übersetzung möchten wir hier gerne für alle interessierten Leser und Leserinnen teilen und auch den Link zur Nachrichtenseite veröffentlichen: 

Hier der übersetzte Artikel der revolutionären Nachrichtenseite "The Red Herald":

The end of freedom of opinion?

Many demonstrations in solidarity with Palestine were banned and hate campaigns were initiated to discredit justified democratic causes. The large-scale police operations, arbitrary identity checks and media defamation have become the standard program against any undesirable protest which contradicts the course of the ruling class.

The handling of the question of Palestine, which presents a program for the trampling of the freedom of opinion and the freedom to demonstrate, is nothing new. It follows the course of action which was already used against the massive protests of the movement of the critics of the Corona-measures and its continuation in the defamation against all those who set themselves against the war path of the USA and the EU against Ukraine. The content is the discrediting and intriguing of any parts of the population who raise their own demands and positions against the path of war-mongering, the dismantling of the neutrality and for the defense of democratic rights.

The Media and Censure

In the end of October an internal document of the ARD which contained instructions for the reporting of journalists in the question of Palestine, came to publicity. Thus in it was described which words and descriptions the journalists are allowed to use! From it one becomes more than clearly the impression that a mood against the Palestinians should be created and that the war crimes of Israel should be defended as well. There seems to be nothing else in the media in Austria. Similarly to the reporting on Corona and Ukraine, solely the course of the ruling class is presented as the “right opinion” and everything else is labeled “unthinkable”, “terrorist” or “conspiracy”. We see nothing else in the reporting on parts of the democratic movement, scientists, athletes or also the creators of art and culture who have another position!

Law of prohibition for everything “undesirable”?

A further offensive was undertaken with the planned changes of the law of prohibition. The law of prohibition is justly an important law for the Austrian population. It shall ban all types of views and positions which contradict the existence and laws of a sovereign Austrian nation. With the current “widening” the symbols of the Hamas or also the PKK would be banned alongside of carrying the symbols of NSDAP. This corresponds to not only a declared unproportionality, but develops this law increasingly to a pure opinion- and thought-law to which symbols can be added according to whatever request and orientation of the ruling class. Thus the origin and the base of the law of prohibition is buried and the law is misused as a political instrument of the elite.

Resistance against the dictation of opinions

Thousands of people in Austria show currently each weekend in many cities that they want to struggle for the freedom of opinion and gathering. These demonstrations find a wide support, because they are not just about the rights of the Palestinians and against the war-mongers of the world, but also for the upholding and the defense of democratic rights in Austria.


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